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Tips from HDSA:

We were inspired by a few great suggestions with how we can all increase our social media outreach at HDSA, so we put together a short list of social media tips and ideas to help promote your Chapters, Affiliates and upcoming news and events. In the spirit of extending outreach so we can continue to build upon the momentum and spirit of educating more people about HD in May and throughout the year, please take a look at the following steps:

1. Follow the new HDSA Instagram Account: Thanks to HDSA’s new Instagram account, each of you and the entire HD community can view pictures from events around the country!
2. Like the HDSA Facebook page: This is HDSA’s most popular branch of social media communication and has daily updates of great happenings, upcoming events, and pictures to share!
3. Follow the HDSA Twitter page: for short and sweet HDSA updates and pictures.
4. Add HDSA’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter links to your email signatures, on event flyers and in promotional materials.
5. Sign Up for HDSA’s National email mailing list by clicking here, and encourage all of your Chapter or Affiliate members, volunteers, and donors to sign up as well so they can stay up to date with all of the great updates going on at HDSA!

If you do not have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and you wish to follow us on these social media outlets, simply visit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and create your accounts. Once you create your account, you can then follow HDSA by clicking on the above links. If you need help creating a personal or Chapter/Affiliate social media account, please contact CJ Redfern at

Your boards, committees, communities, supporters and everyone involved in your Chapter or Affiliate can then follow your updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts on both your personal social media accounts and on any Chapter or Affiliate social media accounts you have.

We are all excited to see how these ideas can help catapult our HDSA reach  and read about all of the HDSA GREAT HAPPENINGS from across the country to help further the mission of HDSA!